Connecting businesses to the right audience through influencers.

Our technology will enable brands to reach more customers through key players on social media and the internet.

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Why iincomer ?

Our mission is to help businesses reach action-taking customers through the right social media influencers, content creators and marketers (i.e. affiliates). In turn making it easy for these players to monetize their content.


What we do.

We help influencers, content creators and affiliates harness the power of their social media, youtube channels and blogs by providing them with a platform that enables them to connect to businesses & brands seeking to promote their offerings. We help them grow their presence while earning even more.


Get the word out there, promote a youtube video, increase awareness


Sell more products through our pool of affiliates at your disposal


Get more users, subscribers and customers

How it works.

We have done the hard part, here is how it all works in English.

  • Advertiser creates campagin with set objectives
  • Campaign gets analyzed for topic & niche
  • Influencers/creators are automatically matched to campaign
  • Campaign is shared via posts & automatic placements
  • Campaign reaches followers and generate organic impressions
  • Influencer earns from impressions and action taken
  • Actionable analytic campaign data is fetched and processed


Here are some of the awesome features our adopters will enjoy once we launch


  • Promote offerings
  • Reach more through AdNetwork
  • Connect to influencers
  • Manage marketers
  • Comprehensive analytics / growth metrics
  • Distribution platform of choice
  • Free business page + Call-To-Action
  • Marketing Services
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  • Post on platform of choice
  • Promote offerings of choice
  • Earnings analyzer
  • Ease of withdrawal of earnings
  • Build network and earn from it
  • Network messaging
  • Resources on growing fan base / traffic
  • And even more :)
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Value for money

Money spent on campaigns yield results such as more signups, more sales, more subscribers

Ease of withdrawal

Low withdrawal threshold, withdrawals through Mobile Money etc.

Best deal

Influencers, content creators and marketers make the most with competitive rates